Homeselling with the Benefields

There is a lot that can go into selling your home. From preparing you home and cleaning to making sure you are selling at a time and for a price that will meet your objectives, in can be overwhelming! That is where we come in.

We don’t list homes just to list homes and we don’t “buy” your listing by allowing it to be overpriced. We spend a lot of time on market analysis for the homes we plan on putting on the market, and know where the sweet spot is that is most likely to meet your objectives. Here is our success system for getting homes sold:

The strategy session. During this initial meeting, we will walk through your home, searching for “listing dollars” – all those special features that make your home unique, memorable, and desirable. We will also be looking for those quick fixes and improvements that must be done, may be done, and should be considered in order to appeal to the widest pool of buyers. How many of those things get done depends on your sales goals and timeframe for selling.

We will also go over a comparative market analysis we put together on your property.  This will show the recent solds for properties like yours and the current competition, which will help us determine where your home should be priced in relation to the market in order to meet your timeline objectives.

The punchlist. This refers to the list of items that should be addressed on your home – from any deferred maintenance to paint touch-up and curb appeal. If you need help getting these items tackled, we would be happy to refer you to vendors who can help!

Once you are ready to list, we will make a listing plan and timeline. This will include a number of items that we will need to implement our selling success system:

Staging – Staging doesn’t mean decorating, but arranging furniture and décor in a way that flows and allows potential buyers to see how one might live in your space. The goal is to allow the spaces in your home to appeal to the widest pool of buyers. We offer a complimentary staging consultation to assess your needs and will work with you to determine the right amount of staging that is right for your home. Virtual staging may be another option depending on the situation.

Professional Photography – In this day in age, the buyer for your home will most likely see your home online before they see it in person. It is amazing how much professional photography makes a difference in online listings.  We also include a 3D virtual tour, floorplans and custom website with your own personalized domain for your listing.


Print Marketing – There is nothing like a beautiful color glossy flyer to capture the essence of your home. We produce these as well as just listed postcards which we mail to the neighbors with open house schedule.  Depending on where your home is listed, Damon will also walk neighborhood and pass your home’s flyer and make the open house announcement in-person. We also use special feature cards throughout the house which highlight your home’s best features. Additionally, we include a Home Book which includes additional detailed information on the home and the neighborhood.

Online Marketing and Listing Syndication – Most agents these days will not only list your home on the MLS but also make sure it is syndicated out on a number of other websites. We are no different in that regard, but we take it to the next level by posting your listing on our LinkedIn accounts, Facebook page, and Twitter. We are also members of several neighborhood Facebook Neighborhood and Community Groups and will post the listing to notify, get input, and notify about open house and brokers open traffic. We treat this more like a service to the neighborhood which makes our posts welcome.

Open Houses –Memorable open houses are the cornerstone of our home selling success system. We really hold it open to allow the greatest number of potential clients through. Our goal is to have your home sold in the first two weeks! If your home is close to commuting lines, we will hold a twilight open house on Friday to catch those commuters, then do back to back open houses on Saturday and Sunday. In addition to notifying the neighbors, we will also indicate it is open on the MLS and post on different local Facebook groups to get the word out.

Agent to Agent Marketing – If we list your home on a Monday or a Tuesday, we will do a special Brokers Open on Thursday and get your home on our office tour ASAP. Agents represent buyers who may be looking for a home just like yours!

Live Marketing – Because we are not satisfied until your home is sold, we will also post your house flyer on community bulletin boards, at the YMCA and local businesses – anywhere we think a potential buyer may be.