The Power of Teamwork

Two people can do more than one – that is simple mathematics. But when you have two people working for you that operate like a well-oiled machine, there is no end to what can be accomplished! Here is what  you can expect when you work with Licica and Damon:

Licica is fastidious when it comes to the details of the transaction. She is in charge of making sure the purchase and sale agreement is completed accurately, all deadlines are tracked, earnest money is deposited correctly, and she serves as the communication hub between the buyer or seller, listing or selling agent, lender, title and escrow. She will be in touch with you so you always know what to expect, what is expected of you, and what comes next. Her clients trust her to make sure the transaction goes smoothly and she does everything she can to maintain that trust.


Damon is a great asset when it comes to holding an open house and connecting with people. He has a gift of helping buyers find the right home and feel confident in their home purchase. He is also very comfortable with market statistics and analytics, so when, as a buyer, you do find a home, rest assured that the offer price is in line with the market. As a seller, know that the price that the home is listed at is in line with market value.

We are committed to serving the client and are committed to providing the personal touch that makes a difference.  We might both be working with you when we educate you on the process, when you are searching for homes or we are discussing preparing your home to list and marketing it. Or you might be working with just one of us –whatever situation feels like the right fit for you. We care deeply about our clients and doing the very best job possible!